Finitro Extra Forte

For flexible joints and preserving healthy cartilage*
Finitro Extra Forte is a product that is used worldwide by men and women for supporting healthy and flexible joints. For years, we are committed to healthy joints and maintaining strong muscles and bones.

Complete, high-quality formula

At Finitro we continuously work on improving the quality of our products. We constantly conduct scientific research into the optimal composition of our product. Finitro Extra Forte consist of a few key ingredients:
1. Turmeric / Curcumin. Finitro contains an excellent absorbable extract of curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric. Curcumin is a versatile antioxidant and supports the immune system.
2. Green-lipped mussel. The green-lipped mussel is a staple food of the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand’s coasts. Interest in the mussel’s potential health benefits began in the early 1970s and stemmed from the observation that Māori people had a lower incidence of arthritis than people who lived inland. It was later determined that the mussels were a rich source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
3. Collagen Type II (undenatured). A protein that is part of the cartilage, bone, and other types of connective tissues in animals and humans. Taking Type II Collagen as a supplement can help people protect their joints by reducing the inflammation and, thereby extending the durability of their joints.
4. MSM.Helps to create the chemical links needed to form and maintain numerous different types of structural tissues of the human body, including connective tissues, such as articular cartilage and skin. MSM also provides support for immune function, and for the body’s antioxidant and overall protective capacities resulting in a stronger immune response.
5. Other vitamins and minerals. Finitro Extra Forte is a very complete formula and also contains multiple vitamins, minerals and supporting ingredients such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K1, Vitamin D3, Boswellia, Chondroitin and Manganese.

Optimal support!

To grow old in health and vitality – that is what we all want. As one gets older, one can sometimes use a little support. The basis for healthy muscles and joints begins with movement. It is desirable, in addition to the daily use of this dietary supplement, to move sufficiently and also to do good light (fitness) exercises. This involves exercises that support flexible muscles and joints. In addition to flexible joints, healthy cartilage is essential. Cartilage causes the bones to connect well to each other in a joint and that the pressure within the individual joints is well distributed.
Finitro Extra Forte can thereby provide support. Finitro Extra Forte contains a detailed composition of various ingredients. Our product helps in the following areas:
  • Keep the joints flexible (frankincense);
  • Support connective tissue (copper and manganese);
  • Building material for collagen formation for the normal function of the cartilage (vitamin C);
  • Helps maintain the bones (vitamin D, K, and manganese);
  • Supports muscle function (vitamin D);
  • Protection against oxidative stress (vitamin E).
The other components in this product include Chondroitin, MSM, Type II Collagen and Hyaluronic acid.

Quality is our number 1 priority

Finitro uses only high-quality ingredients and is produced by a leading laboratory in Europe. Finitro strives for a composition that is as favorable and balanced as possible. Our team of health, nutrition and herbal experts is constantly working to optimize the quality of our product.

Dosage and use:

2 tablets per day. The tablets are best taken with a glass of water during the meal.
  • Can be taken either at one time or for example in the morning and evening
  • For adults and children over 16 years.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
  • Do not use if allergic to shellfish.
  • A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of reach for children.
*Frankincense support healthy joints and vitamin C helps to maintain healthy cartilage.